Gender and Race Identity

All this arguing about gender and race identity…

My identity is shaped by something and someone outside myself.  I put my trust in him, my hope in him, and get my identity from him.

This allows me to identify simply as a human. It enables and empowers me to love all other humans, no matter what their race or gender may be.  No matter what their beliefs or unbeliefs may be.

His name is Jesus, and he taught us how we can love one another.  He taught us that the only thing that could hinder love would be the fear of diving deep into each others lives, fear of embracing each other.  He showed us how to dive into each others lives through something people call the incarnation.

You will hear me reference the teachings and life of Christ in the podcast because my world view has been shaped by being a Jesus follower, not as a Christian.

I often say I have forsaken the religion of Christianity so that I can follow Jesus.

What you will also hear on the podcast is the lovely beliefs of others, even atheists, that I have found to often be way more Christ-like in dealing with humanity than those who follow christian religion.

The problem with religion is that it often creates narcissistic psychological super humans that believe ourselves to be on some other plane of existence above others.  This creates an inability to be empathetic to the experiences of others and creates walls that breed fear and hate.

There are many that have no belief in God, but because of their awareness of their humanity are far more loving and empathetic to others.  This issues of race and gender identity will be one topic of many that we will discuss on the podcast.  I hope Losing Our Religion will open the eyes of the religious and help us all to lose our religion.

Let love win.  It’s a much easier weight to carry than hate.

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