A Teaser: Just Three Days Until Launch


I'm growing excited and nervous about the iTunes launch this Wednesday, August 5th.  If all goes well, it will be available at midnight Wednesday morning.  If, for some reason, there are problems that I have to work out with my hosting site or Apple then I'll be up all night trying to figure out how to fix it.  So the launch will happen as planned.

I'm excited because I have been working hard on the release of this podcast, and the guests of the show are just amazing people with great stories. I am nervous because I've never been this transparent and vulnerable on a public forum.  The first episode (episode 000) is me telling my story.  It's a bit somber because I had to work through a lot internally to record it.  But, it was in the end very therapeutic, we should never feel ashamed of our stories or worry about what people, especially the religious are going to think.  Cause after all, it's my story, and there's nothing I can do to change it.

For starters.  I've had to allow my soul to get to a point where I can communicate transparently, honestly, but at the same time love and accept the religious as equally as I love and accept the non-religious.  My experiences over the last 20 years have created quite a bit of cynicism within me regarding American Institutional Religion and those that fight tooth and nail to try to protect it.  I clearly don't believe in it anymore, but can I continue to love and believe in the people that are die hard sold out to it?

Just for the hell of it.  I'll be launching the first three episodes all at once.

A Teaser on the First 3 Shows:

EPISODE 000:  Welcome to the Freak Show: My friend Taylor Hughes helps me to talk through and share my own story.  I try to get through it without getting too emotional; he brings his light-hearted caring personality into it and makes it much easier for me.  In this episode, I also try to lay the framework for all the shows forthcoming.

EPISODE 001:  Mistakes Were Made: Former punk rocker and former Mars Hill elder JSuffering (Jeff Bettger) and I talk about his upbringing, his punk rock influences, and his journey after the Mars Hill debacle that he was a key elder in exposing.

EPISODE 002:  Anarchy in Motion: My friend, poet, writer, and anarchist Pete GK and I have a great time discussing life, anarchy, and his poetry.

The first launch will be on iTunes.  We are hoping to have over 1000 downloads on iTunes the first week of the launch.  If that happens, Apple moves us to the New and Notable list which gives us a lot more exposure, so other people have a chance to lose their religion with us.

If you can help us reach this, that would be amazing!  Taylor said he would go to all the Apple stores in LA and download the podcast on their iTunes!  Although thoughtful, it wouldn't be helpful, cause those wouldn't be true listeners and would only temporarily skew the numbers. LOL.

The most helpful way to help us reach this goal is:

  1. For you to personally download the shows on your iTunes account.
  2. Then create a positive review of the show from your iTunes account.
  3. Then share about the show on your social media accounts with a link to the iTunes (the link won't be available until Wednesday the 5th).

Android Users: The show will most likely be available on Stitcher App and SoundCloud the very next week. (Maybe Sooner if I can get my shit together.)

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