9-11 and This Kim Davis Shit


I continue to reference September 11th, 2001 because it was a day that all of America came together.  We forgot that we were black and white, gay or straight, liberal or conservative, and we came together as a nation to give, to serve, to listen.  We loved each other despite our differences for a little while after that event.  Call me a fool, but that's a utopia that I'd like to live in.

Now the 2016 election season is upon us.  I hate election season!  This crap is why I don't call myself a Christian.  I refuse to be labeled and lumped into a group of people that use their "faith" to leverage votes.  This Mike Huckabee, Joe Cruz stunt is just the tip of the iceberg of why I cannot stand to be labeled a "Christian" in this country.

I don't know Kim Davis, I on purpose try not to read stories like hers, because they make me grieve, and then they make me angry.  It's tough to love even our enemies when we are clouded by anger.

So I won't spend this time writing my opinions on this issue.  You already know my opinion.  Let's lose our religions and the things that divide us and let's come together like it was 9-11-2001 and join as common humanity.  Let's weep together, let's grieve together, let's celebrate together.

Rachel Held Evans spent a lot of time communicating things that I myself would have said, so I can shut up and just quote her:

No one's being jailed for practicing her religion. Someone's being jailed for using the government to force others to practice her religion.

Let's just get real, people. This isn't about "religious liberty." This is about making LGBT people the enemy. Again. So sick of it...

Conservatives, would you support a clerk who denied marriage licenses to Christians? Or complementarians? Or interracial couples?

If you want to turn LGBT people away from your churches, you are free to do that. But you can't turn them away from government buildings.

Mike Huckabee is deliberately stirring up fear and hatred among Christians toward LGBT people. It's anti-Christian and inexcusable.

Imagine if a Quaker refused to issue gun licenses to an entire county, or an atheist refused business licenses to Christians....

You cannot have agents of the state making & imposing their own laws based on their various religious convictions. It would be chaos.

The logic: An atheist clerk denies license to Christian = persecution. Christian clerk denies license to a gay person = religious freedom.


Each of these voices are MEMBERS of the CounterCulture Society.


Zac, as someone who is still in the institutionalized church, this Kim Davis is making me crazy. If she has serious issues with issuing marriage licenses, she needs to quit her job. She is (unbelievably) an elected official and needs to be able to do what her jobs calls her to do. It's beyond ridiculous and makes me frustrated to be associated in any way, even just by religious name, Christian, to anyone like her. I don't really follow him, but have you heard of Matt Walsh? He writes highly inflammatory posts as a 'Christian' man. I can stomach some of the things he has to say, but he posted something about how she is really living what we as Christians are called to do. Meaning she was imprisoned for her beliefs and was really backing up what she says. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Seriously, being a bigot and a political puppet is what we as Christians are called to do? I think I might pass on that one.
- Anonymous

I totally agree! When Jesus came down from heaven, did he put on a hat and grab a whistle to serve as sin police OR did he save an adulterous lady from religious sin police, eat with sinners and tax collectors, wash 12 dirty men's feet by hand, and die on a cross for humanity?
- Anonymous

Kim Davis is just a bigot who uses the Bible to support her bigotry. Why do I say something so harsh? It's because of her personal life. She has been married 4 times and doesn't give a rat's ass about the sanctity of marriage. 

Even if her marriage record was perfect, I'd still have a major issue with her "protest". Her protest reminds me of one time, like a young kid, playing football in the school yard... The time I was on wasn't doing to hot... Most of us weren't upset... I mean, we wished we were winning but were weren't. BUT there was one kid on our team who REALLY wanted to win. Well, he got so mad that he grabbed the ONLY game ball and threw in onto the roof of the school and went home. It was a shitty way of protesting. Kim Davis is a child whose team is losing... And she doesn't want to play the game anymore... Or the way the rest of us understand the rules to be. Now she's claiming that Jesus is on her side... I'm 99.9991% sure that Jesus isn't happy with Kim and the jackasses who are using her (and Jesus) for their political agenda. 
- Jerome

I compliment someone for standing up for their faith. In this case, her religious faith has prevented her from fulfilling her duties to her county.  This is a blatant overlap of church and state. Her and her office are supposed to follow the law of the land. Marriage has ONE reason to exist in the eyes of the state: it is a legal binding of two adults to each other to announce to the world that these two have rights as a couple. If they wish to have a marriage ceremony of sorts, then go for it. Have an atheist ceremony. Have a Catholic ceremony. Have a Flying Spaghetti Monster ceremony. It doesn't matter. The religious side of an (optional) ceremony is not for the state to decide. The state is in control of the legal portion; the church is in control of the ceremonial portion. KEEP THEM SEPARATE! Kim doesn't know the difference between her legal duty and her religious duties... they don't both happen at her appointed place of work for that county. To be fair, she didn't issue ANY licenses during her stay in hopes of being impartial, from what I'm reading.
- Anonymous

The "church" has gotten themselves in a situation where there is divisiveness within that has created more legalistic behavior because people are afraid their faith is being attacked. So people like Kim Davis react thinking they are standing up for their faith when in actuality, she is showing the world that she is lawless and doesn't understand the Gospel message of sacrifice. She should have understood as a mature Christian, that once the Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal across the nation, that her faith would direct her to submit not only to the law for the sake of peace but also to a possible sacrifice of her job in accordance with her convictions. Standing up for Christ is about suffering for the gospel of Love and peace and joy that she did not go to jail for.

If Kim Davis wanted to make a statement for the church, she should have sacrificed her job. She would have avoided jail and kept the law as well as stood strong in her beliefs, growing in grace with an attitude of compassion for those who need Jesus, especially during this time in our world. The Bible sometimes says it's much more wiser to be quiet than to speak out. I believe this was one of those moments. It has caused more harm to the Truth of the Gospel message than helped the church stand for Jesus Christ.
- Anonymous