65,000 Downloads Today and My Emotional Thoughts About It.

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When we started this podcast less than a year ago.  NEVER did I imagine that we would have this far a reach.  I am enjoying the ride, and it's you that keeps the ride enjoyable.  I have always been a person that goes from one thing to the next with relative ease.  Except when it came to leaving institutional church, never did I know the depths of where it would take me in actually losing my religion as well.

I continue to be reminded of my growing cynicism of the human race.  But the more I am disillusioned with them, I am placed in front of a mirror and realise I am disappointed in myself.

This show continues to restore my faith in humanity...

Because it allows me to practice being the person I want to be.  The person that I hope that I am.

I want to be a good listener, not a convincing orator.

I want to be equally compassionate and in love with every person, not just with those that agree with me.

I desire to live in a world of glorious unity, empathy, and compromise.  Rather than in a world of divisive ideologies and religious exclusivity.

I desire to live in such a manner that I worship righteous inclusivity, not exclusive gods and men, wrapped in personal aspirations of fame and glory.

This podcast allows me to live in this ideal utopia, if only for the moment in which I am with each and every person. Either recorded and aired, or simply sitting over beers, coffee, meals, or hard liquor.  Sitting with others and listening, not talking is becoming my new religion.

Special thanks to...

Just want to thank our producers for continuing to help us make a weekly podcast that people enjoy.

To the fellow Loser's that allow us into their eardrums every week.

To those that have Rated and Reviewed the show, your feedback helps the show go farther.

And lastly to the guests that make themselves vulnerable by opening their lives, stories, and experiences to all of us.

Just goes to show you that this is a growing community of people who realize we can live in an ideal utopian society, at least for the moment in which we open ourselves up to being with eachother, and inclusively being with others.



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