Celebrate! 25,000 Downloads!

Yesterday we reached another milestone together...25,000 downloads of the Losing Our Religion podcast!  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you have found the podcast entertaining, maybe even educational.

I have been overwhelmed by the response and hope to continue producing content that you enjoy and share with family and friends.  I know that Losing Our Religion isn't for everyone, but I am glad it's for you.

The Top Countries Subscribing:

  1. United States
  2. Thailand
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Australia
  6. Mexico
  7. New Zealand
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Top 5 Episodes Downloaded:

  1. EPISODE 006: The Magic of Questioning Everything: Taylor Hughes

  2. EPISODE 000: Welcome to the Freak Show

  3. EPISODE 001: Mistakes Were Made: JSuffering

  4. EPISODE 009: Things Being Learned After the Institution: Seth McBee

  5. EPISODE 004: Coming Out of Both Closets: Michael Schmitt

Episodes I Think Everyone Should Check Out: (In no particular order.)

How Do People Find Out About the Podcast?

We had an initial marketing budget with the show in August, but that has been used up.  So the number one way for people to find out about the podcast is through your social sharing, your rating and reviewing, and your collaboration through our patreon page.

How do I rate & review the show?  iTunes uses an algorithm to decide who they promote and who they don't.  When you rate and review the show it triggers their algorithm to give love to Losing Our Religion.

How do I social share the show?  At the bottom of every Losing Our Religion post you can share that specific page content through your own social channels by clicking the share button.  

Our Social Sites

  1. Twitter: @LosingRReligion
  2. Facebook: /LosingOurReligion

What is Patreon?  Patreon helps us to continue providing ad-free content.  Without a doubt, we will be taking on advertisers to help cover the costs of the show and create capital for new things we want to do through CounterCulture Society.  But if we can reach our goals through Patreon, we can opt out of using advertisers, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

This video explains how you can support Losing Our Religion through Patreon.

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