Clearing Up Any Possible False Advertising

If to be alive to the sufferings of my fellow creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics.
— W.Wilberforce

Because of my past 17-year career choice of pastoring in the American Institutional Megachurch I realize that a high percentage of you reading this today are from that world.  Between all of my social media accounts, from Pinterest to Periscope and everything in between most of you probably know me as Pastor Zac.  But my closest friends know me just as Zac, or various nicknames that you can put in the comment section of this post if you want. LOL.

Your interactions with me in the past were probably not because you knew me intimately as a fellow human being but because you heard me speak from a platform.

Even my mom doesn't have a real clear understanding of what Losing Our Religion will be all about.  She sent me a text yesterday to remind me that "Pastors and teachers of the Bible will be held more severely accountable than others."  She's right, which is why I'm grateful that LOR is not a Christian show or a teaching show.  I repeat LOSING OUR RELIGION IS NOT A CHRISTIAN SHOW.  It's a people show.  It's a comedy show.  It's a random show.  It's a messy show.  It's a drinking show.  It's a show trying to live out homogeneity.  It's a real show.  It's a vulgar show.  It's about love, peace, humanity, hilarity, and anything else that comes in between those things.


It's about the pain that religion, doctrines, superstitions, mythologies, and fanaticism cause humanity.  It's about the abuses of institutional religiosity, and how people have become free from them, and what their life is like outside of them.  It's about having fun.  It's about crying.  It's about consoling.  It's about laughing together.  It's about living together.

The goal is candid conversations without walls.  The hope is that it will create polarization from religion and the religious, but at the same time create safety and unity for the disillusioned and the ostracized.

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