We All Need to Come Out of the Closet

What if most of your life you felt like you had to hide?  That if you shared what you really felt, you’d be beaten up? Rejected? Shamed?

What if you knew you could continue to hold in your doubts?  Your secrets?  But for how long?  Could you continue to live a lie just so that others wouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable by your questioning?  What if you realized you had nothing to fear?  That you could learn to live out in the open, and if those you cared about rejected you, you’d find a way to make it without them?

Losing Our Religion is a show about coming out.  Coming out of the darkness, shame, and fear that religion creates.  This episode, in particular, is a coming out story, for both Michael and I.

What could life be like if you left religion behind and were able to freely be yourself without the fear of rejection, shame, or loneliness?  Maybe it's like this story?

Michael is my friend.  As a profession, he is a food scientist.  In this episode he takes the time to educate us about Scotch.  Using it as an example of what his life has been like while leaving religion.  As well as transparently sharing the story of his coming out as a gay man to his family, friends, and church.  But we both end up coming out...

You can listen to the podcast tomorrow, on these fine podcasting apps, or through the episodes tab on this site.

I am so grateful to Mike for sharing so openly, candidly, and transparently.  He inspired me too as well.

EPISODE 004: Coming Out of Both Closets

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