Jesus & Satan at a Bremerton High School Football Game?

This recent Bremerton High School Football Coach praying stuff wasn't much of a big deal to me until the Seattle Satanist got involved.  Then I began to realize, I must really be losing my religion, cause Satanist being able to pray to the fucking devil ought to be just as much allowed at a High School Football game as a Christian coach praying.

There are things out there much Scarier than ghouls and ghosts. There's disgust and indifference. I find it interesting that the historical and biblical Jesus only made one distinct categorization of people. The normal and then the religious. Jesus never gave much voice to the religious. He never allowed their ridiculous arguments to carry past him. He shut them down quickly and then went about his business loving those the religious would not. Accepting those that the religious would not. 

Christianity scares me. Because it creates walls and categories beyond that which Jesus Christ did.  Religion scares me because it gives humanity psychological reasoning to separate, demonize, and rebuke and repel that which is different from them.  It takes human insecurities and gives them firepower to live out of those insecurities.

American religious freedom, the second amendment, was meant to keep the government from formulating a religious system that they could control.  So many Christians are wanting a government run by Christianity.  Funny, that's what the Jews that killed Jesus wanted as well.

From what I can tell historically. Our American founding fathers were concerned about governmental control, they desired human equality, which they considered freedom.

The interesting thing about America is that in many cases money filled the void that the government left vacant in American religion. But that's an entirely different subject from the one at hand.

The scary thing about Christianity and religion as a whole is the polarizing effects it has. Instantly it creates allies and enemies.  An interesting thing to me about Jesus. He told his followers that the proof that they were TRUE children of the Father was shown in their ability to love their enemies, and pray for their "persecutors".

Jesus never "made a stand" for his beliefs.  He never had to "rise up" and "fight" for his faith. This whole "stand up, rise up" stuff is an American value, not a value of Christ, and you know what? When it comes to religious, or governmental control, RISE UP!  When it comes to loving each other, perhaps there's a different answer.

We may never actually live in a world where we can exist in peace.  Where we can BE common humanity. But it will continue to be a hope of mine, and a theme of this podcast.

I hope to see everyone through the lenses of love and common humanity someday.


Geneva Hardy

"A careful survey of the Gospels will reveal this one penetrating truth: Jesus Christ was a friend and defender of sinners. It was the tax collectors, the thieves, the prostitutes, and adulterers that He welcomed into His kingdom. And it was to the highly religious, the self-righteous, and the morally upright (and uptight) that He leveled His severest criticisms. For such had disqualified themselves from the kingdom of God." - Frank Viola (From Eternity To Here: Rediscovering The Ageless Purpose of God

Darren Christian Garvin

The reign of Christian privilege is beginning to come to an end in the US. It's not persecution. It's equality. Get used to it.  (A comment referring to the Washington Post Article: Why you shouldn’t defend a high school coach praying on his football field.)