Ugh! Hashtags!

(Art By Josh Kemble

(Art By Josh Kemble

If we have to declare out loud and tell people that we are a Christian with a hashtag and a picture. It makes me wonder if we're really Christians or simply religious zealots. 

  1. If they don't know by our love and our lifestyle but by our brashness, street signs, or hashtags are we a Christian or a religious zealot?
  2. If they can't see by our love and lifestyle that we are in constant peace because of our security in our God, are we a Christian or a religious zealot?
  3. Do those that are secure need to reassure themselves and others by hashtags,  shouting, and rubbing it in others faces that #IamAChristian. Or is that behavior for the insecure?  Does that make us a Christian or a religious zealot?
  4. If we can't aspire to live quietly, and to mind our own affairs, and to work with our hands, so that we may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.  Are we Christians or religious zealots?

I choose to not declare with these zealots that #IamAChristian but rather I hope that through my love and lifestyle all see that #IamNotaChristian but hope I can once love others in such a way as I feel I have been loved.

May the God of love, who empowers humility,  help me to love others as selflessly and gracefully as you’ve loved me.  

#IamNotAChristian but one who should be held accountable to love as I claim Jesus loves.

#IamUnashamed of my God, but completely ashamed of those that claim to know him. 

(Art By Josh Kemble)