Women in Our Lives are Saying Something: #MeToo


When people who are hurting speak, it’s important to listen.

There is another pain point on the forefront of our society right now.  Women who have been the victim of sexual predators.

Over the last few years, there have been major pain points coming up in our society, gun violence, racism, people of color being systematically killed, and much more.  I’m sure you all could name quite a few.

There are certain groups in our society that resist the need to open their ears to the pain of others.  Instead of listening and understanding, they get defensive and make excuses.

"You wouldn’t have gotten raped if you didn’t dress that way."

When I first started this podcast I had many people, whom I thought were friend's victim shame me for sharing what I was sharing.

“You’re just angry; you’ll calm down at some point.”

Many people make a habit of ignoring humanity when their emotions don’t suit their agendas.  When the outcry of the hurting comes out, they just plug their ears and make excuses as to why they shouldn't listen to the victims.


I believe that the voices of the hurting are the voices of the future. The more they are suppressed, the more violent they will become, and one day, like now, they will finally feel emboldened to take serious action to stop injustice, and then, history will begin to change.

If you’re a business owner, don’t just listen to the pains of the customer, first listen to the suffering of your employees.  If your a parent, don’t ignore the temper tantrum of your children, help assist them to get through the emotion and come to the realization of the real need behind the outburst.

One of the failings I have had as a human is assuming what the other person's pain is about, instead of taking the time to listen, to listen until I feel their pain as my own.

Women in our lives are saying something. Shut up and listen.  Blacks in our society are saying something. Shut up and listen.

I know that you guys are the listeners.  How do we help others embrace listening?

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Zac is a Heretic, Apostate, Idealist, יֵשׁוּעַ Leaning Secular Humanist with Anarchistic Tendencies.  Who happens to have been through some shit too.  He hosts a weekly podcast and considers himself a Creative, Content Maker, Podcaster, Keynote, and Host.