EPISODE 013: A Mom & Son Story: Terra & Leo


Terra and Leo are my friends.  Terra is a successful working Mom of two.  While working and raising the Kids with Jeff, one of my good friends, and the kid's Dad.  (Papa as they call him.)

Terra had a Christian upbringing through the Foursquare denomination.  As a native of Portland Oregon, she attended Imago Dei Community.  Upon moving to Seattle, it seemed like Mars Hill Church was the best option in attending a church in the Seattle area that might be like how Imago Dei was in Portland.  We can all just imagine how that ended up going.  Which in turn, led her not to ascribe to Christianity anymore.

Being a former Christian, now recovering Jesus follower myself, I find her story to be all too common these days.  The story's like Terra's need to be told.  They need to be heard, and they need to be sympathized with so that we can become a better functioning common humanity.  A humanity not divided by religion and race, doctrine and dogma.

Now in raising two kids, Terra and Jeff have never told the kids about God, but Leo has come up with some conclusions of his own.  This well-behaved, rad six-year-old boy joins his mom, shares why he doesn't swear, why he wants to be a good boy, and how he can love his sister even though she may not be, "as well behaved" as he is.  

THIS EPISODE IS AWESOME!  Because Leo continues to steal the show!