EPISODE 025: A Felon's "Conviction": Part 2: C.J. Smith

{A Felons Journey to Knowing and Loving Himself Began in Prison}

CJ continues to share his transparent life journey of a drug user, why he lived that way, what motivated him, and learning to know himself and love himself through it all. Beginning in the Assemblies of God Denomination (Evangelical Pentecostal) CJ's indoctrination through the culture of the institutional church is where he learned the religion of wearing masks to fit the molds of other people.

CJ and Son

CJ and Son

As an ex-con, CJ lived in the American prison system under a 6 and then 18-month sentence. In many ways, prison gave him the opportunity of finally seeing himself as he really was. A sober awakening for sure. But he also got to see how problematic the American Prison system is. It's not so much like the movies. CJ refers to it as, "The most lonely place on earth." He has left his prison time, now living life as an ex-con with a great desire to change the system and make reducing recidivism a real thing.

Ever heard of the American School to Prison Pipeline? Is it brought on by white privilege? What can we do about it? Tune in!


Thank you, David Bowie, for your fearless creative contribution to the world that continually broke down walls.

Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.
— David Bowie