EPISODE 047: The Conversation We Need To Have About Guns: Taylor Nelson

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It’s true that demonizing guns themselves are ridiculous. But I think what’s important is to weigh what you get from a gun, and what that costs…and when people die as a result of that. That’s what it costs for a person to own a gun.
— Taylor Nelson
If we just skim over these shootings and don’t each feel the pain of the individuals lost, then none of us will have the motivation to change anything.
— Zac Gandara

If you're like us, you're tired of the tragedies continuing to plague Americans. After every mass shooting over the last five years, Taylor and I have engaged in the debate over gun control and gun laws.

I, Zac, have been a gun owner for years. Taylor grew up in a family of gun owners but has a different viewpoint from me altogether. I am trying to learn, but will I get rid of my gun/s? That's to be determined. We engage each others points of view and begin to hear and understand where we each other are coming from.

This is a more light-hearted conversation about gun control. We start by hearing Taylor's story, his Lutheran Confirmation, and journey into atheism. We recorded this episode a long time ago. He and I had put this episode on the shelf because we didn't feel like it was as potent as when we would discuss gun control without recording.

Sadly, we even agreed, "Let's not post it until the next mass shooting." Almost like we knew it was inevitable that there would be another. Sadly, we are all aware; there has been another mass shooting. The biggest in American history so far. The Pulse, Orlando Florida, a gay nightclub, and bar.


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