EPISODE 055: A Star Wars Outta Body Experience: Silas Lindenstein


This episode, we begin by talking about Star Wars as a Religion, and we end by talking about Out of Body experiences and seeing an Angel! 

Silas and I met through Facebook.  He and I both drive for Uber/Lyft on the side to make some extra cash and a local Facebook group for "drivers" introduced us.

When asked what we all do for a living I mentioned the podcast, and Silas jumped at the opportunity to introduce himself and ask about being on the show, stating that we could talk about "Star Wars Religion."

The Silas story goes much deeper than that, and I am happy to introduce you to such a funny guy, with some amazing life stories.


Silas Lindenstein is the mocha almond fudge of stand-up comedy; not very dark, but not very light, bringing balance to the force of comedy. Sweet, yet savory, and just the perfect amount of nuttiness. With his sharp wit and confusing ethnicity, he examines his life as a father, husband and wannabe starship captain.


All the songs from Frozen the Musical, but about Star Wars!



  • Regulating TV as a father that grew up watching TV unregulated.
  • I show Silas my washer and dryer.
  • Life and the Home Owners Association.
  • Why don't kids live in the city?
  • The IRS being so wonderful.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Comedy.
  • Stand Up is pessimistic, Improv is very optimistic.
  • Washington State Ferry refreshment prices?
  • Star Wars Religion.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe Books.
  • "Anger leads to the Dark Side."
  • I fell asleep in the new Star Wars.
  • There is no religion on Earth for the Star Trek stories, but there is on other worlds.
  • The Vatican, and Zac's conspiracy theories with them.
  • Silas' daughter and wife spiritual journies being different from his.
  • Silas' out of body experience.
  • Zac seeing angels.