EPISODE 072: Norse, Pentecostal, Heathenry, Paganism, Thor and My Stones?: Asatru Gothi: Alf Herigstad

Alf Herigstad, he was on the path to be a Pentecostal demon hunting preacher when he became a Norwegian Reality TV Star (Alt For Norge, Season 3) where he found the spiritual path of his ancestors and then becomes an Asatru Gothi.  Not in this particular order necessarily, but you get the idea.

I ask Alf to chat with me over mead and beers to teach me the ways of Norse Folk Life.  Words like pagan, heathen, and diviner are discussed as I try not to shit my pants.  I'm a former Christian for heaven sake; I'm not ready for this!

He patiently tells me his story, and we find a lot of great connections, spiritual and otherwise.  As we end the show Alf invites me to come and experience a Yule Blót and I am curious about him reading my stones, my Rune Stones that is.


I grew up in Olympia Washington on a small farm since the age of 7. I was the oldest, having a brother and sister also.

Among all the things I have been in life; pig farmer, carpenter, ostrich farmer, welder, fence builder, salesman, real estate agent, truck driver, garbage man, etc., etc. I have always been a writer of poems and stories.

From an early age, being Norwegian was my "super power". I eventually found the spiritual path of my ancestors and became an Asatru Gothi.

Everything in my life culminated when I was chosen as a participant on the Norwegian reality TV show; Alt for Norge. I traveled to the land of my ancestors and had a life altering, soul changing experience. Life has never been quite the same since.

I currently live back in Olympia Washington, back on the family farm, and I am loving life.

Alf's Podcast

Alf's Podcast



  • Was gonna be a preacher, now a heathen Asatru Gothi.
  • Demonic Warfare.
  • Demonic interruption?  Haha.
  • Growing up out of the Christian overculture of America is often tough for many.
  • There is no forgiveness for my bad deeds.
  • Living the Viking life.
  • Taking Dad to Burning Man.
  • Drugs, nudity, and the Burning Man experience.
  • Rune stones, ancient alphabet.
  • Rune Readings.
  • Star Trek and the ever-expanding universe.
  • Christian theme camps at Burning Man?
  • Well, Jesus would have gone to Burning Man, bare tits and all.
  • The Christian Cooties.
  • Norse Mythology, is what Christianity calls it.  But what about Middle Eastern Mythology being what Christianity is?
  • Alf was on a Reality show in Norway?!
  • The feast of Thanksgiving.
  • Will Alf do a rune reading of me?