EPISODE 078: Loser Stories: Anger is OK: Ron Smith

This continuation of Ron's story reminds us that it is ok to be angry.  In fact, it's downright therapeutic.  Anger is an emotion that helps us relieve stress, gives us the motivation to solve problems and provides a way, through healthy expression, to discuss our negative feelings.  Religion often forces us to stuff emotions like anger.  It's time to let it out.

Ron Smith is a 6'8" pleasure to be around.  We converse around punk rock, spiritual abuse, abuse, atheism, agnosticism, Catholicism, being bitter and angry, and finding joy in our now, lives of liberality. 

Ron was born and raised on the Indianapolis' east side to an interesting kind of Christian home.  My father was a working class Immanuel Kant, and my mother a sharp-tongued Voltaire who was, and still is, cynical towards organized religion.

After years of wandering around the country, Ron finally finished school earning his degree in Literature and Religion; and met his soul sister, Jack Kerouac. Ron defines himself as a religious seeker who dances between Zen Buddhism and Catholicism, but, at the moment, identifies as a liberal Catholic; and quite fortunate to find an inclusive Catholic Church on Indy's northwest side.  Currently, he's doing the work thing, reading, and writing for himself and a friend who has an independent local magazine.

On a side note, the way he goes at organized religion, people have assumed he's an atheist.  Something we can relate on.