EPISODE 080: The Non-Work Work of Moving Through Challenges and Reaching Goals: Patrick Ianni

Patrick and I engage in a revealing and transparent conversation about our personal struggles of growth in our lives, our marriages, and how we’re engaging the non-work work of embracing our emotions, feelings, pasts, pains and doing that together with our spouses moving toward the future.

Patrick is also working through coming to the end of his soccer career and answering the hard questions like, What do I do now?  What do I want to do with my life?  All the while I am still coming through leaving the pastorship and finding my way in life through this podcast.

Patrick Ianni is married with two kids, a NCAA All-American, U.S. Olympian and Major League Soccer standout.  But what makes him wonderful to us is his humility, his embracing of his own humanity, and his willingness to share his life so transparently for those that will listen to these episodes with him.



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