EPISODE 103: I’m Not Your Guru. Please Don’t Make Me Your Guru: Seth Taylor

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The trap of high experiences, however they occur, is that you become attached to their memory and so you try to recreate them. These memories compel you to try to reproduce the high.
— Ram Dass

I’ve many times been referred to watch I AM NOT YOUR GURU, a documentary about Tony Robbins and his experiential retreats.  I watched it right before recording with Seth, and it leads us into a discussion about my own thoughts on "teachings" and gurudom. 

Because of my preacher past as well as my future desires for my life, I have for quite some time now, run from the moniker of “teacher” or “guru.”  No matter what, it seems to keep coming up, especially from those with a religious past.

Well, I don’t want to be your teacher or your guru.  Maybe as Seth suggests, it’s because of my ego holding me back from embracing who I am, or maybe it’s not who I am because it’s not who I want to be.

I don’t believe in needing teachers or gurus.  I believe that as we live our lives, there are guides that pop up when we need them.  When we are in need of something, we search it out.  It may come in many forms, relationships, books, or people.

These guides may very well hold the title of “teacher” or “guru” but they are there for a time, and then meant to be let go of as we move on.  In my opinion, the trap of many religions, gurus, teachers or experiences come in the "high" we get from experience with them.  We then become addicts of the high and continue to go back to them for far too long.  Chasing ladders and climbing minutia to try and appease the addiction.

Seth comes from a far different place than I do and is really into a form of trauma therapy that he calls Energy Intuitive Healing and Rapid Transformation Therapy.  It involves native American practice as well as traditional psychotherapy practices at an accelerated rate.  At my best understanding, I consider it Meta-Physical Healing, with Mystic Practices, and Exorcism.

None of which I am generally interested in for myself, mainly due to the amount of thought trauma it represents to me and the fear of finding myself climbing ladders to reach places or "Nirvana's" other people think I need to reach.

I know you'll enjoy this conversation, it's a tough one.


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