EPISODE 017: (Trans*) Love to All: Laird Young

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PART TWO OF THE SERIES | Portland is Weird?

Laird is a trans-man. I didn't even know going into the recording! We were introduced to each other by our sneaky mutual friend Cameron, met in one of the bars at my hotel, hugged at first sight, and the rest was easy.

Laird is a well spoken loving man. We chat about his past as a married woman, a Catholic, his transition, how to love all people, and how to give great hugs! Of course, there are many amazing things we discuss in between, but this is a podcast to listen to not a blog to read.

This episode is a challenge to all who listen to love each other well. To love those outside our comfort zones, and how to do that.

If you love human beings, then treat everyone as a friend that you haven’t met yet.
— Laird Young, Transman, and LGBTQ Advocate, @LosingRReligion
Laird and I pose for an after podcast selfie!

Laird and I pose for an after podcast selfie!