EPISODE 026: In Process of Losing Religion: Part 1: Liz & Mat von Ehrenkrook

Too often the church only gives you value when you conform.
— Mat von Ehrenkrook

If you've been a fellow loser or part of the CounterCulture Society, you know by now that we believe, enjoy, and embrace the second chance.  Well, this weeks episode is the beginning of a second chance story.

Liz had an upbringing and coming out story from the UPC (United Pentecostal Church) years ago.  Mat raised in the Baptist Denomination. Both are just a few months removed from their former lives non-denominational youth pastors.  But their journey together has led them to now.

This is a beautiful, hilarious, misfit, couple that are coming out of the institutional religion that they've known all of their lives boldly joining the journey of what's next.

Books & Music from This Episode

Rammstein Hallelujah & KMFDM Jesus on Extasy - Assassinate Me