EPISODE 064: Lay Down Your Ego & Filter: Ty Hodge


This episode will blow your mind!

Some people call it conspiracy theory, some call it propaganda, I call it fucking interesting.  Ty blows my mind with some of the stuff he says.  I just wanted to give him a mic and let him talk.

At first meeting, Ty was one of the most interesting men I have ever met.  At first glance, he is a handsome black man.  Innocent in form, but wise in words.  In a very short amount of time, he began to share his thoughts, ideas, and realities.  Probably because of Toni, the mutual friend that introduced us, being a trustworthy lady and partly because we began talking about the podcast.

Ty may be labeled by some people as a "conspiracy theorist."  If that's the case then, in my opinion, what better time in history to be conspiring to find the truth of everything around us than right now!

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I’m not an expert, but what I know, I know, and I’m confident in that.
— Ty Hodge
To be able to forget what you think you know, even for a few minutes, is a valuable resource.
— Ty Hodge
Before your ego takes over and you prejudge something. Put aside what you think you know and allow your mind to absorb knowledge without a filter.
— Ty Hodge
The pledge of allegiance as a form of indoctrination and even mind control.
— Ty Hodge
The Treaty of Tripoli declares that the United States is not a Christian Nation.
— Ty Hodge


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  • The true definition and Latin origin of the infamous term 'Government'. The word 'Government' comes from the Latin verb ubernare: "to control," and the Latin noun mens: "mind".
  • Displacing or killing millions of Native Americans.
  • The Pilgrims were the perfect spies.
  • Rich people know how to work the system.
  • Politicians only purpose for being is to give the people something to look at.
  • Most people don't live for a living; they work for a living.
  • Most people gauge their life success based on where they go, what they do, what they spend, what they're driving.  At the end of the day, all that stuff owns you.
  • Nature works in unity.
  • The presidents sign an executive order and FEMA has an iron grip on this nation.
  • Colin Kaepernick Vs. Trent Dilfer.
  • Racism.  Which race matters?
  • Any force that would try to drive a wedge between us is the foreign alien.  The other race. 
  • Why do police need to know what race we are?
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
  • The Illuminati.