EPISODE 071: Great Minds Discuss Ideas: Author Abolitionist Zach Hunter

Justice is not just something for white Christians to seek for “exotic” parts of the world from the comfort of our couches. Justice is here and now. Justice is the same whether we are talking about the treatment of LGBT+ people, victims of police violence, or victims of human trafficking. It is the same Justice. Seeking Justice is one of the most practical acts of worship in which a Christian can take part. It is practically loving your neighbor; it is respecting the temple, the image of God.
— Zach Hunter

This is a deep and challenging episode.  We ravage through the topics of the dualism argument, the gender fluidity of God, humanism, eastern versus western world views, outer space, Elon Musk, social justice, and why the church has sucked at it.  That's just in the first half!

You will enjoy Zach Hunter, his thoughts, ideas, LGBTQ inclusivity, and his challenging of modern day Christianity.

The church is all about justice as long as it’s able to be the savior, as long as it can raise money and watch a video, and see humanity at it’s most desperate from the comfort of their seats.
— Zach Hunter


Zach Hunter is the published author of 4 books. He’s been acknowledged by CNN as a Modern-Day Hero and was named one of Christianity Today’s 33 under 33. He has spoken all over the world, from Good Morning merica, to 2015’s “Parliament of the World’s Religions,” and White House roundtables (twice). He continues to speak and writes as a blogger for the Huffington Post. When he was 12-years- old he founded a charitable campaign to fight human trafficking and has been leveraging his platform to speak up for justice at all intersections; at home and abroad.


Christianity wants you living in the midst of an inner battle for the rest of your life. I say fuck it, I am tired of fighting. I will BE, because I AM what I am.
— Zac Gandara


  • Seeking Justice for the Future of Humanity.
  • Good and Evil, or not.
  • God declares that his temple is no longer in buildings but in people.
  • Was Jesus a humanist?
  • Until we understand that we are the temple and that each person carries with them the temple, we may not reverence and love them the way we should.
  • I waffle between Christian humanist and Christian mystic.
  • The imago dei.  The image of God.  
  • If people are made in the image of God, then people are one of the most important
  • God is gender fluid.
  • The dualism argument.  Are we one, two, or three part beings?
  • If I am good and bad then I am caught in-between the war of good and evil for the rest of my life.
  • If I am not dualistic but simply one. I AM therefore I BE, then I no longer have to live in-between a battle for good and evil, I get to rest because the battle has been won for me.  This is a Christian heresy.
  • Zach Hunter is the white Shaun King.
  • I believe the bibles take on sexuality is inclusive of LGBT+ people.
  • If our theology makes us act differently than Jesus did then we need to reexamine with great effort that what we have been taught could be inaccurate.
  • Losing Your Religion is not about losing faith.  Losing Religion is about losing whatever the barriers are that separate you from your orthodoxy from your orthopraxy.
  • The Christian Atheist?
  • Learning to live in the now and narrow our view away from eternity.
  • Elon Musk has a very long view of humanity and what’s next.  He’s trying to send people to Mars!  Space X!
  • What needs to happen in the next 100 years, when I only have a sliver of that time.
  • How do we do something while we are here to collaboratively impact the next 2-3 millennia?
  • Is it possible to love unconditionally?
  • If we get stuck discussing Trump and Clinton, then we’re missing the point.
  • It’s not a failure of faith to embrace doubt.