EPISODE 068: Black, White, Rap, Punk, Whatever: Art “KingDro” Will

Cool people are cool people, that’s just the way it is.
— Art "KingDro" Will

Inevitably we talk about the black and white thing.  About the police, about Black Lives Matter, about our experiences with the cops, but we go far beyond that.  Because Art is way bigger than all of that and he shows it in his art form, how he treats people, and how he approaches life.

Art "KingDro" Will is a rapper, an entertainer, an artist, and a music producer.  I have found His No Particular Style Productions to be a reflection of who he is as a person.  He comes at you as he comes at you, person to person.  Straight talk, no bullshit, looking to keep that party going.

People on the streets, no one sees them, and no one listens to them. But you gotta talk to the people and let em know there’s something more.
— Art "KingDro" Will
Religion was a mirror that got shattered, and everyone picked up pieces of it and said, “That’s what God is,” because they’ve seen their own reflections of it.
— Art "KingDro" Will
People are so sure that what they believe is right, that everyone else is wrong. I can’t believe that.
— Art "KingDro" Will


End of show music is from KingDro Himself.


  • Inevitably we're gonna talk about the black thing.
  • Richard Pryor from the 70's.
  • The Back of the Bus.
  • You can sit in the front of the bus now.
  • Blacks, whites and the back of the bus.
  • Rapper, MC, Entertainer.
  • The difference between an MC, Rapper, and an Entertainer.
  • DJ Quick, Too Short, Battlecat, Big Daddy Kane and more.
  • Art's family started a church back in Cincinnati in the 1800’s.
  • The Calling of the Man.
  • Fuck the Cops.
  • "You don’t fit the neighborhood."
  • If the cop is black, do you trust them more?
  • What I do is called, “No particular style.”
  • Shaming others is stupid.
  • You have to be ashamed of yourself sometimes.
  • I don’t want to have to be PC.  I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say.
  • Let’s Not Talk About the Cops Anymore.