EPISODE 073: Rune Draws & The Heathen Way: Asatru Gothi: Alf Herigstad

Alf Herigstad, an Asatru Gothi, whose Kindred have dropped the Asatru moniker and landed on Heathen.  He is a Heathen Gothi (Preist) who shares his story and experiences with us.  A carry over from the last episode, Alf grabs his Rune Stones and prepares to read my rune draw.  As a bonus, he invited me to attend his Kindred’s Yule Blót this last weekend.  Was I ready to attend my first heathen blood sacrifice ritual to the gods?  Find out in this week's episode, plus bonus material about my experience at the Yule Blót as I recorded my thoughts on my drive to and from the Blót.


Alf & Lulie Herigstad

Alf & Lulie Herigstad

I grew up in Olympia Washington on a small farm since the age of 7. I was the oldest, having a brother and sister also.

Among all the things I have been in life; pig farmer, carpenter, ostrich farmer, welder, fence builder, salesman, real estate agent, truck driver, garbage man, etc., etc. I have always been a writer of poems and stories.

From an early age, being Norwegian was my "super power". I eventually found the spiritual path of my ancestors and became an Asatru Gothi.

Everything in my life culminated when I was chosen as a participant on the Norwegian reality TV show; Alt for Norge. I traveled to the land of my ancestors and had a life altering, soul changing experience. Life has never been quite the same since.

I currently live back in Olympia Washington, back on the family farm, and I am loving life.

Alf's Podcast

Alf's Podcast




  • Heathenism, A Folk Way.
  • How to make mead.
  • The difference between mead and beer.
  • Defining heathenry.
  • Our way is called Asatru.
  • There is nothing in the Norse Lore about racism, sexism,
  • Alf’s kindred has dropped the Asatru moniker and just gone with Heathen because there’s often racism in Asatru which doesn’t represent him or his kindred.
  • Heathen, is a word that hat was once used to demean them, but they are taking it back.
  • “Heathen" was meant to be derogatory.  But actually, means people of the Heath.
  • My Rune Draw.  What it all means.
  • The Christian invasion of Northern Europe is why so much of the heathen way was lost.  This is about historical, cultural care, not differences of religion.
  • Richard Twiss and understanding how Christianity destroyed Native Indigenous Culture.
  • What happened to the Norse Indigenous?  How did the missionaries rob them of their culture?
  • Odin, the chief of the gods, is about growth, improving, so embracing of things outside of the norse way is very Odinic.
  • Alf used to be into Casey Treat?!  My former “pastor” and boss. Haha.
  • TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network was a staple part of mine and Alf’s past “Christianity”.
  • Heathenry, life, if you don't have a community, what do you have?
  • Humans being available to other humans.
  • Runes is an actual alphabet.  They all have a phonetic value.  An ordinary meaning and a magical sense as well.
  • Marriage, and how we join as a team.
  • How did my parents respond when I left Christianity?