EPISODE 075: Loser Stories: Down the Rabbit Hole: Ray Gilford

Ray is a former institutional machine cog like many of us.  He described his Christianity to have been like that of a chronic seeker.  He did a deep dive into Christianity, attended seven different congregations, and was baptized three times.  Now he has taken the plunge down the rabbit hole embracing the questioning of everything.  Conspiracy theory, Christian teachings, the formation of America, the Bible, the Apocrypha, the lost books of the Bible, and more.



  • Converted through Campus Crusade for Christ.
  • Jerry Dewitt, a chronic seeker.
  • Ray is an introvert
  • Ray being pushed into receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • We laugh about the early Christian music, rock and roll, and 1980’s Christian Americana.
  • The Christian Gossip we experienced in the 80’s.
  • We should have known better than to get angry with the Christian music rumors of Amy Grant, Petra, and Stryper.
  • Ray attends Church on the Way, Jack Hayford.
  • The Baptism Battle. How the church argues over the right way to baptize, Ray went through them all.
  • He went through a lot of seeking, a lot of churches, a lot of baptisms.
  • Deliverance ministry at Jack Hayford’s Foursquare Church.
  • The stress of “deliverance“ ministry and finding a “spirit” in everything.
  • True Biblical study is never talked about in church.
  • They don’t want a lot of questions.
  • People just wanted me to stop asking questions and shut up and have faith.
  • Conspiracy Theory.
  • Questioning Everything, especially the Christian Teachings and the formation of the United States.
  • The Lost Books of the Bible.
  • The Books of Enoch.
  • The Apocrypha.
  • Inspiration is not a dictation.
  • Running down the rabbit hole is hard.
  • Losing our religion is hard.  Because they pack into your skull, hell.