I'm a Loser: Losing New Years Resolutions: Marc Maron Made Me Think

This new Losing Our Religion format highlights things the Losers and Citizens send me.  I am starting this one with something that got me thinking from the Marc Maron podcast WTF.

WTF Podcast - Marc Maron - Episode 669 - David Spade

Now that you're more than a month into the new year and the resolution talk has faded. How are you doing?

If you're like a lot of Americans, you've already become disillusioned. Upset at yourself and frustrated that the promises of the social media "life coaches" for New Year change have left you the same, or worse, just depressed that you can't be all they say you can be.

Some people have accused me of being cynical, and I don't in any way argue with their assessment. However, I consider myself a realist and consumeristic Americana just doesn’t work for me anymore.

It seems that New Years is just as religious a holiday as any others. We have traditions of New Years day football, as well as the skyrocketing sales of alcohol, clothing, party attire and the like.

But the BIGGEST religious aspect of New Years is the social pressure that's placed upon us for resolutions and new goals. The pressure to be "A new you", "To break all of your bad habits", and even as simple as "I don't want to be like that anymore."

I am all for new goals, never stop dreaming! But I am tired of the pressure. The have to's. What if we could just be? Just be who we are. What if New Years could just be January 1st not some start over pressure?

I hope that I can become a person that is continually comfortable in my own skin, that I can be grateful for what I have without having to always strive for something better. I love my life, and I feel that without even striving for it, life gives us lessons, and it's our reaction to those lessons that creates growth in us. So maybe learning to be is my goal? Maybe in being, I can find and follow desires that grow me and bring me on a journey towards my dreams. Seth Taylor and I talk about this in an upcoming episode.

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