EPISODE 028: The Religious Sales Pitch: Part 1: Christian Grindstaff

Christian is a talented songwriter and music producer.  In fact, almost all of the music in the episode is Christian's work.  He is a salesman by trade, extremely articulate with his words and a great drinking buddy.

Christian has known me longer than my wife has.  We have a lot of history together.  We've been through the institutional church fire together and come out the other side enlightened, sometimes confused,  full of questions, but happier than ever.

Here you see the picture of my action figures that Christian refers to on the episode.

Here you see the picture of my action figures that Christian refers to on the episode.

There have been few people in either of our lives that have caused us more frustration and anger, but continual support and love for one another.  We're always honest with each other.  We fight it out and find a way to respect, love, and hug each other in the end.  We rarely agree with each other - which is great.

In these episodes with Christian, we reminisce about our times together in the Christian institutional church, how I kicked Christian out of youth ministry, and where we're going now and how we're trying to do it together.

We talk about everything from our past lives in the institution to our slow transition from once being Evangelical Conservative Republicans to now Liberal Democrat Socialists and how it happened.  As well as our personal convictions, how we saw and I used my past "Christian" leadership to impose personal dogmas onto congregations and people.   

We even get into the lie that our old church Christian Faith Center in Washington consistently preaches of happiness, prosperity, and the good life being what Jesus gives you.  Hmmmm?  Sounds a lot like Christian's sales pitch for a timeshare presentation.

Christian Grindstaff Music


Thanks to Danny E.B. Tracks for the Opener to this Episode:
Hard Trap ✘ Hip Hop Instrumental Free 2015

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