EPISODE 031: Let's Get Weird - Mystical Experiences and Confessions: Seth Taylor

Barriers, religion, ideologies, and fear stop us from experiencing freedom, and if we can understand that the barriers, religion, and ideologies are a creation of the fear. We can then move more quickly away from the creations of the fear. We created these things (barriers, religion, ideologies) because we needed them. Some part of us needed it. All we need to do is come to the point that we don’t need these things to medicate us anymore. Then all we need is the human experience, and we find that in human experience is God experience because he is in the middle of it.
— Seth Taylor and Zac Gandara, Episode 031

Seth and I were both pretty nervous to release this episode. Cause we get weird and share very personal things and mystical experiences we've both had in our lives.  We're either drunk, sick, fucking nuts, or completely normal.  My bet is on normal, but we were enjoying  Crown Royal Rye and light beers.

We chat briefly about Joel Osteen’s brand of happiness, spirit animals, seeing angels and mystic beings.  Seth has some fascinating ideas of how and why we created a leader like Mark Driscoll, and why many of us hunger for ideologies and religions.

There may be wounds we are medicating.  I know I have many.  It takes work to find the wound.  But in finding the wound, we can find the healing so that we stop using alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, religion and other things to cover and medicate ourselves away from living lives of freedom.

This episode is deep and weird, but therapeutically amazing.  Seth is such an encourager, wisdom dropper.  While I seem to just ramble on and on he has a knack for making sense of it all and helping me process what I am going through.



Everything's Strange

Everything's Strange