EPISODE 029: Maybe There's Something More?: Part 2: Christian Grindstaff

If you’re afraid to explore other ideas, other people, or other things then you are more than likely bound to what you believe and are in religion.
— Christian Grindstaff

This is part two of a conversation with Christian Grindstaff.  In our first conversation, we covered a lot of ground.  We reminisced about our times together in the Christian institutional church, how I kicked Christian out of youth ministry, and where we're going now and how we're trying to do it together.  He's known me longer than my wife, he's a great conversationist and a great drinking buddy.

Apparently Christian and I are reaching the bottom of the bottle of Rye at this point.  I even end up spilling beer in the middle of our conversation cause I talk with my hands; of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that we've drunk almost a 5th of whiskey together.  Right?

There's a strong "God believer" factor in this slightly drunken episode of questioning everything and offending almost anyone, including ourselves.  We discuss a lot of topics, from how humanities access to information these days gives us the ability to grow and educate ourselves far beyond greater generations.  How that fact creates an opportunity to question leaders and authority over us in a way our parents may not have been able to.  We even get into a little laughing about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders

Our view of White Privilege and the Black Lives Matter movement has changed much over the years, and Christian seems to have a fascination with Canada and the new Candian Prime Minister, who has chosen a truly diverse Cabinet.

This Episode ends much differently than any other on LOR so far.  Christian explains the song he has recently written about his journey out of religion and he shares the hope he has.  That if God does exist, that he is a lot different than Christian was ever shown through the church. 

Christian Grind's Music


Thanks to Danny E.B. Tracks for the Opener to this Episode:
"F*ck Haters" - Inspiring Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 

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