EPISODE 032: This New York Punk Rock Jew...: Rob Femur

We’re Jews; we’re God’s chosen people. You Christian’s are always concerned with what you do because you’re afraid of hell. When you’re God’s people, you don’t have to worry about a hell.
— Rob Femur
The evangelical church likes Donald Trump because they’ve been programmed to respect authoritative leaders. Trump is not a politician or a leader. He’s a CEO. He’s a pastor. The American church pastor today is not a pastor, they’re a CEO. They don’t shepherd people; they give orders to minions.
— Zac Gandara

[All Music on this Episode is The Femurs]

Rob and I were hanging out at a local bar having an amazing conversation and decided we wanted to share it with you.  So we quickly tabbed out at Captain Blacks and hoofed it to the studio...apartment to record these episodes.

Rob, raised in New York City by a family of Holocaust survivors.  But perhaps we could also say he was raised by the Ramones, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed because his musical talent and knowledge is awesome.

He's a New York Jew.  You can hear it in his voice.  He's also an amazing storyteller, with a rich, detailed American Jewish history to draw from, and strong political views to boot.

We chat politics, religion, egalitarian versus totalitarian, the crazy American electoral race right now, and the characters that are running in that race.  Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Health Insurance, Gun Control, Ronald Regan, and Mental Health Care.  Rob transparently shares about his life, Jewish viewpoints, even person experiences with abortion.

I love these conversations with Rob so much.  We get excited, heated, and have a great time.

Music from The Femurs

The Femurs are a band from Seattle starring Mr. Rob Femur.  The music is a mix of Ramones-style pop with the sweet homespun sounds of Jonathan Richman.  Many of the songs are written and recorded in an apartment.  While others in a studio.  Think sweet pop songs to make your day a bit brighter.

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