EPISODE 042: Who Do You Hate More? Everybody in the World, or Yourself?: Taylor Nelson

I have all the defects of other people, yet everything they do seems to me inconceivable.
— Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher, The Trouble With Being Born (1973)

This episode is the roots of the Losing Our Religion podcast.  It's conversations like this that led to the idea of recording and sharing the beautiful coming together of humans with humans.

When Taylor and I first met, we had nothing in common.  I had just resigned the pastorate, left everything I had known, and given up on the idea of Christianity as I knew it, and certainly institutional religion as a whole.

Taylor did a great job of skeptically welcoming me into his world and life.  At first with a handshake, then with a smile, then one night with a philosophical barraging of the denial of God and how stupid I was for believing in it.  (He probably doesn't remember this event, or want me sharing about it.)  But it happened, and I knew that night, that we'd be long time friends.

Taylor About...

  • The night he met Jim Jefferies.
  • His short stint as a standup comedian.
  • His experiences working as bar security, door guy, the bouncer at local places with raging humanity.
  • Bar Security is Like Being a Kindergarten Teacher.
  • Service Industry Life
  • Teaching me how to be a door guy.  I'm going to teach him how to be a mega-church pastor.
  • We discuss how we as humanity react when we don't get our own way.