EPISODE 043: THIS EPISODE IS ABOUT NOTHING: The Least Professional Episode Ever Released: Taylor Nelson

Whenever I see someone, and they’re super detached from reality and their solution to their problems are to add to someone else’s problems...I see Republican.
— Taylor Nelson
The way people view politics is changing. Ideas and what we find most important are fracturing.
— Taylor Nelson

Warning!  Anyone who listens to this will have their IQ drop but their life enhanced.  You may thow-up...(But laugh historically).  You should probably be drinking with us to enjoy it fully.

Seriously!  Life happens in moments not plans.  Taylor and I love each others company and sit down to more drinks, ridiculous drunk conversation, and random laughter at the stuff of the world.  These feel good episodes, full of life, full of booze, full of fun.

We try to avoid any depth to the conversation, but in the end we fail miserably.

We Chat with Taylor About:

  • Comedy Roasts: Justin Beiber, William Shatner, and Therapeutic Hilarity.
  • Taylor and Katherine's upcoming trip to India and why they want to go.
  • McDonald's Meat and why we should never eat at McDonald's.
  • How he lost his tooth.
  • How he told off, a debt collector and they never contacted him again.
  • How to get out of jaywalking tickets?
  • Feeding boogers to his cat.
  • Hate City team petitions.
  • The fart game they played at the Pike Place Market Produce Stand.
  • Stories about working in a Gay Bar.
  • How Creepy Men are When They Flirt.
  • George Bush, Donald Trump politics, weapons of mass destruction and how he sees the Republican party.
  • The possible beginnings of a multiple party political system in America.
  • The song he wrote about Laura Bush killing a guy
  • The press, media, and where to find true, accurate news these days.



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