EPISODE 044: Embrace Your Terror: Greg Bennick

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When I own my terror and not react to it, the better my life is gonna be. Better meaning more holistic, more giving.
— @GregBennick on @LosingRReligion
We all have the propensity for violence and being terrible if we let our fear go unchecked.
— @GregBennick on @LosingRReligion

Greg is a straight edge, teetotaler, so I brought a peace offering of Bundaberg Root Beer.  He is also is an award-winning champion speaker who makes people laugh while inviting them to think.  He is a bit of a renaissance man to me because he is also the lead singer of the band Trial, Activist, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Keynote Speaker, Film Writer, and Producer.  The list could go on because the guy is doing all sorts of amazing shit.  The fact that I got to sit down with him and record two episodes was an absolute privilege.

We caught Greg right before his annual trips to Rwanda and Uganda.  Among all the things he does, he makes time to travel around the world to places of human trauma to see and study how people and culture respond to trauma.  Taking others along and asking, "Why do places once ruled by dictators become shining examples of a solid economy?"  Taking note, to pay attention to the people's need of a dictator in the aftermath of trauma.  Our human need to have people rule over us is a fascinating study.

If you are going to kneel before Christ and weep. I hope that you also go and sink into Satan’s arms and feel his embrace as well. If we are speaking metaphorically, I am saying, let the light shine down upon you and feel inspiration, and at the same time feel the depths of despair and hopelessness. So that you aren’t in an existence of just light and hope, peace and love, because no one’s life is like that.
— @gregbennick on @LosingRReligion

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Raised Reformed Jewish, he left the faith immediately after fulfilling the family obligations of bar-mitzvah.  He's an atheist, and once again I get to sit and learn from not only his extensive life study of Ernest Becker, a Jewish-American cultural anthropologist, and writer.  Who is noted for his 1974 Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Denial of Death.  But also from his life experience and stories from traveling the world as an activist.

As a kid, Greg was kicked out of Jewish school and declared "a menace to education" by the Newtown Connecticut Jewish Board of Education.

Greg is also the Co-producer and Co-writer behind Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality and The Philosopher Kings, two award-winning documentaries that look at how we see ourselves, the people around us, and ask how we are to live in an increasingly complex world. He offers presentations on each of these films for universities, theaters, and conferences worldwide.



All music was Greg's band TRIAL...

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