EPISODE 041: LA Show: Therapeutic Hilarity: Part 2: Jonathon Bowles & Taylor Hughes

What happens when you get three ex-pastors together for a night of comedy and conversation?  Well, you're about to find out.

Part Deux of the post-Live Podcast Recording from West Hollywood, Los Angeles.  Jonathan, Taylor, and I spend time transparently talking about how much we loved the experience of the live show while ironically I was shitting bricks the whole time.

A wrap-up episode where the guests of the podcast sit down with and talk out our therapeutic process of losing our religion along with audience participating in the conversation.  We discuss the experience and play some clips from the live show.

We get into some things here that we didn't address in the show.  Do we regret our past ministry days?  Do we feel it was a total waste of our lives?

You'll enjoy listening to this laughter, tears, and transparent honesty of three ex-pastors finding their way in this world after leaving the ministry, going back to childhood dreams, becoming stand up comics, selling underwear, and starting podcasts.

Therapeutic Hilarity will be released in its' full, transparent, unedited entirety as a bonus episode directly after this one.


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Special thanks to fellow Loser Michelle Young for sharing about the show on social media, Anthony Jeselnik for inspiring audacious raunchy transparency, Open Space LA, the Producers of this Podcast, Taylor, Katie, Mackenzie and Kennedy for sharing their lives, car, and home with us, and countless meals and breakfast burritos, Jonathan & Kirby Bowles for inviting us into their lives for a few days and driving us to Canada and back.  Wrassle Roos, Lapel Yeah, The Slingshot Show, and Taylor Hughes Magic.