EPISODE 045: Embrace Your Human Experience: Greg Bennick

I dream of a world in which people speak more openly honestly and express their feelings more accurately. That fascinates me!
— Greg Bennick

I am completely in love with Greg and over the course of these episodes have become a fan of his work, music, and spoken word.  His song "The Wounds Never Have To Win" with his band Between Earth, and Sky may very well become my life theme song.

Greg is so much more than his music, spoken word, philanthropy.  He's a humanist, an activist, a champion for those who suffer and clearly heard from these episodes, a great coach, and in my mind a guru like partaker and sharer of wisdom.

His lifetime studies through the life and works of Ernest Becker inspired me.  Greg is currently working on producing a new film documentary on Ernest Becker, so stay tuned for that.


I’m not opposed to you having fear, but I hate the idea that the church would create fear in you that would cause you to lose your own sense of humanity and who you are. Because you’re far more interesting to me as a person that is flawed than as a member of the flock.
— @GregBennick on @LosingRReligion
I don’t believe there is a plan. I don’t believe in luck. Luck suggests that there is a force at work beyond my choosing, my mistakes, my great ideas, my terrible ideas, that influences the course of my life beyond that…
— @GregBennick on @LosingRReligion


  • The sexy, sultry embrace of al of the other god's.
  • The Legacy Project - Traveling to Trauma Areas for Study of Culture After Trauma and Their Need for Dictators.
  • Deep talks of the pull and the captivity of institutional religion.
  • Knowing yourself and being yourself.
  • Greg’s passion and many facets of his work
  • Punk, Metal, and Hardcore Culture.
  • Music Art and Comedy are the only communities that are still diving into their pain and expressing it in unfiltered therapeutic ways.
  • Humanity is in need of art, but will true artist ever be able to feed their families with the art they create?
  • How do we keep the arts growing in our society for those that need and desire it?
  • Living in the moment with others, and learning to live in their moments with them.
  • The things we do to try and attach meaning to our lives which are completely unnecessary and create a lot of pressure on us.
  • The pursuit of pleasure and chaos at the same time.
  • The privatization of water and the depletion of it.
  • If a Christian prays to cope, what does an atheist do?
  • Art giving life to culture and individuals.


Music in this episode is from Greg’s band Between Earth and Sky.

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