EPISODE 049: Deconverting From Religion: PART TWO: Lori Fazzino

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DECONVERSION | (intransitive) To undergo a deconversion from a religion, faith or belief or (transitive) to induce (someone) to reject a particular religion, faith, or belief. She has deconverted from Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. They tried to deconvert him. (intransitive) To revert or (transitive) to restore.

Leaving religion is a journey and the things about it change for everyone.
— Lori Fazzino

Lori Fazzino M.A. is a Ph.D. Candidate & Graduate Instructor with the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  

Being without religion doesn’t necessarily mean being without faith.
— Lori Fazzino

Her studies and research are fascinating.  In this episode she puts them to use and shares a lot more of her findings, stories of deconverted folks finding freedom, lets me know what stage of the process I am in and helps me through my fear of atheism.

Lori is leaning agnostic but lives as an atheist humanist.  She's always been a brilliant, feisty, strong person.  Coming to the faith as a young woman, she paid for Christian College by dancing in Alaska.  After leaving the church, she found herself going back there until a severe car accident interrupted the trip.

Her story of being kicked out the church is fascinating, as Mary Magdeline would have rebuked her Pastor and been right at home kicking with Lori.  Her now a present and future as a college professor and soon to be Ph.D. in Evangelical Deconversion is a help to many people.  She currently teaches Sociology of Religion at UNLV.


Lori's Personal Story

  • Raised Catholic.
  • Abusive Background.
  • Former Dancer and stripped to pay for Christian College.
  • Marriage, Motherhood, and Divorce.
  • Severe car accident.
  • Kicked out of church.

Getting Into Religious Deconversion

  • Lori's research.
  • Her personal struggle she found in the research.  How she overcame it.
  • What turning from religion looks like and what replaces it?
  • God Would Need a Transgendered Bathroom.
  • I ask her to categorize me as to which stage of the conversion process I am in.
  • She talks me through my own fear of becoming an atheist.
  • We have a therapy session of my own path of losing religion.
  • Stories of others who have gone through their on religious deconversion.