EPISODE 053: Being Human: Bella Biagio

This episode is about being human.  Being human with other humans and learning to pull our heads out of our asses and away from our phones.

I met Bella through my friend Eddie.  Eddie was hanging out in the CounterCulture Society Mad Lab one day and mentioned, "You know who you need to have on the podcast? BELLA BIAGIO!"

I immediately acted like I knew who she was because clearly, she was famous and I was just out of the loop.  I gave Eddie some LOR stickers and asked him to give them to her, then immediately Facebook messaged her and introduced myself.  Name dropping Eddie of course.  Months later we finally got together to have drinks in the Lab, and now I'm in love with my new friend.

Bella is Italian, like MOB Italian.  Don't fuck with her!  She is a petite, but strong, woman, who came out at the age of 18, which was very early back then!  She has amazing life stories.  Little did I know when Eddie suggested I have her on the show, that she had worked at one of my favorite Seattle Restaurants for over a decade, (Mama's Mexican Kitchen).  Which means, I am almost sure we met, but years ago, in my holy asshole days.  I would not have left a lasting impression.  In other words, assholes are easy to forget.

Bella is a performer, with characters such as Coach, Joey, Electra Snow, and Buck Reynolds.  (Pictured on the landing page.)

I get the feeling that everyone loves her because she cares for and takes care of everyone around her.  Even the fuck heads she encounters that she doesn't even know.

When I asked Bella for a BIO, here's what she gave me...

"Bio like I'm a human trying to be human with other humans, and hopefully, we see that this is just spiritual boot camp, and we all just need to pull our heads out of our asses, get our heads out of our phones and talk to someone?  And for the love of God hold on to anyone like grim death that you can relate too...it doesn't happen often." - Bella Biagio


  • I share my former pastoral photograph with a bewildered Bella.  (Keith Urban)
  • Buck Reynolds Match Game, a Chippendale with a huge dick.Bella Italian girl, moves to America via Australia.
  • Bella italian girl, moves to America via australia.
  • Beef fat on her face as a moisturizer?
  • Bella’s FOB (Fresh off the Boat) story…from Australia to America.
  • Her own body saved her from her appendix bursting
  • Her first female crush? Sister Catherine!
  • Italian American life.
  • Was my grandpa laundering Mob money in his furniture store?
  • Our parent's relationships.
  • Catholic backgrounds.
  • Bella gets me to talk about my faith healer experience with Benny Hinn, and what got me to love Jesus despite all the religious lies.
  • My mega-church life with Bob Moorehead and Casey Treat.
  • My rise to “power” in the American Mega-Church.
  • Getting deep with my dad.
  • The Orlando shootings and how we each process the grief and pain of the world's tragedies.
  • Dealing with pain.
  • Processing human emotion.
  • Bella grew up thinking something was wrong with her, so she sought out many different spiritual practices.
  • Bella shares her story about going to a spiritual “silent” retreat.
  • Religion and Ideologies keep us boxed in and keep us from living life and being human!


  • Buck Reynolds - Chippendale
  • Coach - Coach thinks everyone is shit!!
  • Joey - Joey thinks everyone one is shit and owes him a favor.
  • The Drag Queen - Electra Snow


A funky disco classic about being normal from the Am I Normal? episode of Little Howard's Big Question, Series 3.  A BBC production.  For information about Little Howard live go to www.littlehoward.co.uk