EPISODE 059: What is Love?: Lori Fazzino

We need to have each other’s backs and realize that in doing so we’re not taking anything away from ourselves.
— Lori Fazzino

So I wrote this Facebook post about love and fear and two ladies read it.  By no fault of their own, they read it from a different context than I intended.  They both made comments, which at the time I deemed as incoherent because they were so far out of my frame of reference for the post that I arrogantly tossed them aside.

This episode is me gaining perspective from one of those women, my friend, and LOR Resident Deconversion Expert, Lori Fazzino.  Both women read my post with regards to romantic love, but I meant it in a way to encourage a love of those different from us.

This will be an interesting conversation because I don't believe in "being in love."  I am a self-proclaimed "love atheist."

If I don’t acknowledge your hurt, then I don’t have to take responsibility for it.
— Lori Fazzino
When people are flustered and angry is the best time to listen to them.
— Zac
Maybe it’s not about striving to love everybody, as much as it is about learning to understand everybody.
— Lori Fazzino


  1. Sexual Passion
  2. Deep Friendship
  3. Playful Love
  4. Love for Everyone
  5. Longstanding Love
  6. Love of Self

The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love (And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life)


Lori Fazzino M.A. is a Ph.D. Candidate & Graduate Instructor with the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Her studies and research are fascinating.  

Lori is leaning agnostic but lives as an atheist humanist.  She's always been a brilliant, feisty, strong, person.  Coming to the faith as a young woman, she paid for Christian College by "dancing" in Alaska.  After leaving the church, she found herself going back there until a severe car accident interrupted the trip.

Her story of being kicked out the church is fascinating, as Mary Magdeline would have rebuked her Pastor and been right at home kicking it with Lori.  Her now a present and future as a college professor and soon to be Ph.D. in Evangelical Deconversion is a help to many people.  She currently teaches Sociology of Religion at UNLV.



  • Tinder App for love?
  • People didn't marry for romantic love until the 18th century. 
  • When people are reacting in an emotional way, they are having that response because they have been through something that matters.
  • Men like to accuse and throw out to a woman, that "you're crazy."
  • Zac claims to be a love atheist
  • What is love?  Are you in love?  How do you know?
  • The excuses we make to avoid loving others.
  • Writing people off.
  • Pushing others away because we don't want to deal with their emotions and pain.