EPISODE 060: Religion? Spirituality? Massage!: Kevin Hartley

There's a fine line between spirituality and religion.  At least there is to me.  Walking that line can be tough.  It's so easy to take spiritual things and make a system out of them, a rhythm, a minutia of repetitive actions that we convince ourselves are making a difference in our lives.  Are they?  And can massage and bodywork be a part of that?

Kevin has been through some shit, not just the religious ringer, but mentally and physically as well.  He's been run over by delivery drivers, grieved through his brother's suicide, and countless other life trauma all coming out on the other side with a growing peace and a desire to share. 



Kevin is a Mobile Massage Therapist Serving Seattle/Bellevue to Everett & Ballard Studio.

He specializes in what he calls Fascial Release, similar to Myofascial Release™, but combines several styles together.  Kevin is also a Reiki Master and working that into his work as well.

My personal therapeutic experience with him went far beyond that and I feel that Kevin is a healer in more than just body.  


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  • Kevin gives me a massage.  Do I moan?
  • Massage Therapy.
  • That euphoric state during body work.
  • Finding a massage therapist, that's right for you.
  • Trust is such an important part of having a therapist.
  • Zac's diagnosis with DVT and how that effects having body work done.
  • Kevin's religious past, growing up in Houston Texas, the Southern Christendom.
  • Kevin's involvement with Acts 29 churches, Mars Hill Church, Doxa Church and what led him to be done with church altogether.
  • Bill Clem and the West Seattle Acts 29 church Kevin was part of.
  • Pastor Bill Clem's helpful advice to Zac on how to heal and forgive Casey and Wendy Treat, Christian Faith Center, and the American Mega-Church experience.
  • After leaving the church, Zac felt like Jeff Vanderstelt, and Bill Clem's form of "Christianity" felt the most genuine and desirable.
  • Eastern thought process versus Western thought processes.
  • What is God?  Are we connected to "God"?  Are we attached to each other?
  • Does Kevin pray?
  • The spiritual practice of talking to your body and telling it what to do.
  • Manifesting your desires.
  • Name it and claim it, blab it and grab it.
  • Manifesting things with your words.
  • Religious works and systematizing the spiritual.
  • Kevin's massive injuries from bike messengering.