MEGA EPISODE: TURN YOUR PAIN INTO ART: Making the world a better place: Taylor Hughes

Taylor Hughes is a professional comedian, magician. Whose work has been seen on television, commercials, comedy clubs, events, and the Magic Castle for years.  We discuss going through pain and suffering and how to turn that pain into art.  No matter what artistic medium is yours, you can create it.  The world needs it!

This MEGA episode is full of amazing content, special announcements, the launch of a new podcast, and the vision for the CounterCulture Society.

We pummel topics like excommunicating the Church, being shunned by others, the excitement of living normal life, starting businesses, being entrepreneurs, and turning our toughest pains into works of art.



  • So much can change in a year, since the last time Taylor was on the podcast.
  • Rad Coffee, Upland, CA
  • Adjusting to and enjoying life outside of the machine.
  • Gilmore Girls?
  • So many hilarious stories.
  • Every person we meet has an amazing story.
  • When we don’t have our phones as a distraction, it’s fabulous how we begin talking and listening with one another.
  • The Vision of CounterCulture Society.
  • Let’s not just talk about it, let’s do it.
  • When it comes to opportunities, done is better than good.
  • You’re never going to get good at something until you’re not afraid to get up and do it bad.
  • The Wright brothers are not known today for building the best airplane.
  • How we make a podcast.
  • How to start a comedy career.
  • How to be famous.  WORK
  • You cannot suck the success of someone else.
  • Taylor shares his heart and vision behind the About To Break Podcast.
  • Dave Chappelle gives it all up.
  • Zac’s fear of partnership and why he wants to work alone.
  • Gifted, beautiful people, just need to make it tomorrow, so they can produce your art.
  • The work of your art without ego.
  • Doing what you love is not about money, it’s about giving the world what’s inside you.  The good the bad the ugly.
  • Get the art that's within you out!
  • When we die, what really matters?
  • While we’re alive, what really matters?
  • Art is therapy.  Uncensored, raw, human, therapy.
  • Doing something that makes a difference. 
  • Brokenness is a gift.
  • If you had all the things you wanted, perfect body, all the money in the world, where would you learn?  How would you grow?
  • We learn nothing by winning.
  • Just releasing yourself to be yourself.
  • Artist are cursed individuals, if they could do anything else in the world, they would.
  • Just maybe, for a half a second, realize you’re not the most important person in the world.