EPISODE 020: Yeah it's Jacked, but What Else is There? : Billy Power

Sometimes the answer to prayer is us.
— Billy Power

This episode is a battle of the sexy voices.  Never before have we recorded an episode in the morning, but since Billy is in New York, we had to record early. 6:30 am my time, 9:30 am his time.

We chat about organizational religion and corporate culture. His upbringing, his military experience, some great life lessons, and his music career.

Billy was a part of running Tooth & Nail Records for about ten years.  He and I agree the existing institutional church model in America isn't working.  But what's the alternative?  He attends Hillsong NYC at the request of his wife and has some decent things to say about it.

When he took a trip to Kenya, it changed his life. Getting out of our comfort zones and embracing life outside of ourselves will often do that.

Billy's Podcast

Billy's Podcast

Music from this Episode and Billy's Band Blenderhead