EPISODE 067: Loser Stories: F**k Awareness Get Help for Suicide: Justin Beall

In this episode, Justin, our 25-year-old Naval Hospital Corpsman, Third Class, Fleet Marine Force, HM3(FMF), Loser.  Shares about what to do about suicide as a military, armed forces, corpsman.  He shares candidly about the militaries abundance of awareness training, but the serious lack of problem-solving availability when it comes to suicide help in the military.

Like most large organizations, there is a severe culture problem.  When it comes to Marines getting help.  If there is elp to be sought out, it's hard to gain traction because you're moving around all the time.  Not to mention, what Marine would get help when their superiors and peers all take a stance of "needing help means you're weak."  As far as I'm concerned, FUCK THEM!

You think you can guilt somebody into not committing suicide?
— Justin Beall
You’re not as important as you think you are but you mean more than you think you do.
— Justin Beall


Aging Angels is show guest Justin Beall's band.


  • Help from suicide and suicidal thoughts.
  • Mormonism and Joseph Smith.
  • IED
  • Military Suicide Awareness and therapeutic practices.
  • Justin feels that his generation of millennials raise awareness but do not problem solve.
  • Healing suicidalness.  Finding a hobby?
  • Medical things.
  • You know there's a difference between a grower and a shower real quick.
  • Vicodin Overdose
  • The problem with Military therapy options. 
  • Judgmentalism is bullshit; we’re all guilty.
  • MF Doom
  • No matter what your shit is, g(G)od the universe loves you anyway.



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