EPISODE 069: You See Me As a Rapper, a Character, But I’m a Person: Arthur Williams “KingDro”

They don’t wanna know me, they know that character. They want to know that character.
— Arthur Williams

This is Arthur Williams.  He’s a rapper, an artist, a character, even a comedian, but behind it all; he’s a person.  Too often we look to those who entertain us, represent us, or lead us as some kind of demagogues, but they're people.  We’re a finicky species.  If someone doesn’t please us to our liking, we move on.

However, there are real people behind the characters we see.  They deserve a shot!  They deserve to be heard.  The deserve to be human, to mess up, to grow, and to live their life without our input.

I am very grateful for Art spending so much time with us in these episodes.  I know his work will bring you joy.


End of show music is from KingDro Himself.


  • The story of KingDro and the music No Particular Style Productions.
  • Old underground scene of Seattle.
  • Art’s music, and the character KingDro.
  • Pimp Dust
  • Kill the Hipster
  • Art’s sister murdered and his vision of how happened.
  • Seeing out dead loved ones.
  • Wade did what to the booze?
  • Writing a song inspired by the booty of a white girl.
  • Baby Got Back?  Oh so much more!
  • Sir Mix a Lot and KingDro.
  • We all are trying to figure out your path; no one can show it to you.
  • Silence and the need for solitude and nature.
  • Vitamin D and KingDro.
  • Soundcloud's benefit to musicians.
  • What’s the difference between a rapper, and MC, and an Entertainer?
  • Zac’s white kid, private school introduction to hip hop from NWA, 2 Live Crew.
  • What do you think of Kanye West?
  • Kanye says rock is dead.
  • A lot of the best music comes from pain.
  • What I’m doing is not new.  It’s Dolomite and Blowfly 2016 edition.
  • Doing music before Prince, During Prince, and After Prince.
  • Stories about Prince. 
  • Prejudging each other based on our perceptions of the other races.
  • Why Seattle has lost its diversity.
  • It doesnt matter, be gay.  We ain't gay, but we with you!  Especially if you’re buying drinks!
  • Need a reparation?  Get it here.