EPISODE 070: Is the Church Worth Saving?: Author Abolitionist Zach Hunter

The statistics are in.  Christianity and the Western Christian Church is losing.  Which is exciting to some and frightening to others.  Author and Abolitionist Zach Hunter and I have a fabulous discussion around justice, empathy, and compassion as well as we both take sides on whether or not we feel the church is worth saving in our lifetime.

As many of you know, I don’t have a lot of “Christians” on the show.  I’m tired of them, their message and reasoning are incomplete, and their audience is enabled not empowered.  Zach is an exception to my religious profiling.  He’s educated and impassioned about bring justice to an unjust world.  He’s not defensive of the church; he's challenging it.

As one who has left the church with no hope of returning.  I Zac, have nothing of value to bring them.  I left the building; I vacated the property, I'm now nothing more than an apostate, a heretic, so my opinion should be meaningless because I have chosen to desert them, not help them change.  But Zach feels differently, and I am glad he does.




  • I don’t have a lot of Christians on the podcast.
  • It’s been a while since I had a “Christian” on the show.
  • There’s not a lot of “Christians” I am found of hanging out with anymore.  This is one of them.
  • Cultural Christianity, Western Christianity.
  • The gaping holes in western Christian life and practice.
  • A tough pregnancy.
  • Wife battled with hyperemesis gravidarum, needing IV’s daily.
  • The opening of the eyes to see there is a problem in western Christianity.
  • We see dialogue as less important than debate.
  • The burning down of cultural Christianity.
  • John Piper?
  • If the church didn’t exist, what would your faith be?
  • If Christian culture didn’t exist, what would your faith be?
  • You can’t teach compassion and empathy; it doesn’t pass on through teaching.  It passes on through the pain.
  • Pain and suffering are important.
  • Pain and suffering teach us, cause us to question.
  • Andy Dillard - Cruelty is a mystery and a waste of pain.
  • If we don’t take the experiences of others seriously, oppression that is well documented.  That’s an abomination. 
  • Guilt is useless, but sadness and anger can be very productive.
  • Modern day slavery.
  • I am not against the police as individuals.  I am against any system that proportionally, negatively affects or oppresses people.  Not matter whose authority they do it under.
  • It’s only been in about the last year and a half that I’ve wondered if the church is worth saving.”
  • Losing Faith in the Church.
  • Abortion, suffering, and the realities of being human.