EPISODE 076: Loser Stories: Down the Rabbit Hole 2: Ray Gilford

We continue with Ray Gilford's story in this episode.  Diving into his life as an introvert.  Introversion and religion do not mix well.  At least not in corporate America or within American religion.

Where is Ray now?  What has his past and inquisitiveness led too?  Hear his beautiful story now.



  • Anton Lavey was a genius.  He knew exactly what buttons to push to get the religious to rise up in self-righteousness and make them feel superior to the damned.
  • Ray came to faith because of a girl?
  • The optimistic view or, everything gonna be alright, makes you a horrible evangelist and proselytizer.
  • Introversion and religion don’t mix. 
  • Casting out the spirit of introversion!  Haha!  Bullshit!
  • The label, “being ashamed of the gospel” is bullshit.
  • Roger Elwood - Author
  • Fred Phelps on the death of George Carlin, “He’s in hell!”
  • The afterlife in the Rabbit Hole
  • In the afterlife, I want to be on Mars kicking up a dust storm and mess with the NASA battle bots, not golfing with Mother Teresa.
  • Charles Dobson and Ted Bundy?
  • When we make religious assumptions assurances, we excommunicate, hurt, and exclude ourselves from a lot of great people.
  • Shielding ourselves from life and growth.
  • Spiritualist practices, meditation, Adam really needed to watch porn.
  • When I was a “Christian”, I would make fun of people that said, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.”  Now I understand what they mean.
  • People don’t realize how intertwined their political things and their religion are.
  • Grieving the Holy Spirit?
  • Questioning Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Religion?
  • Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is boring. - Einstein
  • Knowledge and faith.  Oxymoron?