EPISODE 027: Losing Ain't Easy: Part 2: Liz & Mat von Ehrenkrook

This is a very "Christiany" episode.  If you're adverse to that, then you may want to skip this one.  But it is a valuable conversation for those "of the faith".  Mat and I even get into theology and biblical hermeneutics a bit while thankfully, Liz brings us back down to earth.

The process of losing your religion isn't easy.  As former guest Lyn Morrow said, "It's like wiping the whiteboard clean" of everything you ever believed and starting over.  That creates so many PTSD triggers for so many of us because these are things that people we respected taught us, our parents may have given us, church leaders we trusted, all shared their concrete personal truths to us, full of certainty.  Then finding out their certainty, isn't yours.  What do I do now?

How do you own your faith?
Is the "church" just a business?
Should I proselytize?
Can I still believe and not go to "church"?
Do I need a pastor?  Does God care?
When do I listen to other people's opinion?
Am I still "saved"?
Is it scary to lose your religion?  Can I do it?
What's next after religion?

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