MONDAY MELTDOWN: Our Politics Have Devolved Into Whose Team is the Most Winning.

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On this weeks episode, we receive a text message political conversation between a conservative, veteran, father and a liberal, gay, son. The outcome? Maybe it's time for us to look at things differently.


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Our Politics Have Devolved Into Whose Team is the Most Winning.

Have you noticed that the political climate in America has gotten tense over the last few years? There are family members I don't even speak to anymore due to the polarizing emotions that the American two-party system has propagated. Polarizing news media (which is supposed to be "unbiased") has lit a fire, and social media has carelessly poured gasoline all over the place. What's even more frustrating is that it seems like the entire system isn't concerned about what's best for the people anymore (was it ever?) It's more concerned with who's side is winning rather than whose getting representation.

One of our show producers recently sent me a text conversation he was having with his father about the state of things. I thought it was a critical conversation driving home an important point, so with his permission, I will share that here. (Names are left out.):

DAD: Following the Korean summit is there anything that this president could possibly do that would satisfy the liberal left of this country? If this president found a cure for cancer he would be criticized by the liberal left for having cured the wrong cancer.

SON:  Yes. Not disparaging our allies of the G7, insisting that Russia is put back into the G8, and then firing parting shots at our ally in Canada before going to see the dictator of the worlds most oppressive regime with smiles.

Our politics have devolved into whose team is the most winning. This is the result of hypocrisy on both sides not respecting the Office of Presidency.

Remember a time when Russia was our enemy?  Now, our allies are talked down to and Russia needs to be better understood by the American people.

Remember when it was weak of a President to talk about having communication with North Korea?  Suddenly, it is very popular among conservatives.

What’s changed?  The “winning team”. No one cares about the big picture anymore. Only that their team wins.

Fox News Had a Different Reaction When Obama Wanted to Negotiate with North Korea

You use the word "liberals" as if it were a bad word. Don’t forget that the Jew known as Jesus Christ was the biggest liberal of his time, trying to change the Jewish thought processes from religious elitism to love one another. Martín Luther was one of the biggest liberal Catholics trying to change the conservative mind of what a Christian was.

Us vs Them at all costs is killing this country.

Take your question and replace the word Trump and put in Obama. Does it change how you felt about Obama?

Could Obama do anything right in your eyes?  Did you think he was weak to try and talk with North Korea?

Because Fox News sure changed their tune when their “winning team” is in power. I’m afraid alot of conservatives have changed their mind on policies because Trump is in office.

I’m afraid a lot of liberals changed their minds on policies when Obama left office.

Look at the bigger picture: which President had the world celebrate when coming to office and which President had the world protest when he came to office?

 That’s how we’re seen.

Some that benefitted from conservative Trump coming to office are starting to see the big picture and are wondering if the small wins are worth the baggage of the larger Trump mess.

At a Private Meeting in Illinois, a Group of Evangelicals Tried to Save Their Movement from Trumpism

There are some conservatives that will talk about how the sanctity of marriage is important and disparage the Clintons and Obamas but praise Trump despite his 3 marriages and his infidelity that led to divorces and marriage.

There are some liberals who thought Obama could do no wrong too. Even when he ordered air strikes against Americans in the Middle East to kill them. Bypassing our constitution and rights as Americans for fair trials by peers. He’s not to order executions on Americans, but he did in the Middle East.

Remember how conservatives freaked out over Jade Helm and how he was coming to take all the American's guns?

Liberals are doing the same right now with Trump. Their team isn’t winning. Therefore all things are bad. No matter if you’re conservative or liberal, you’ll bitch, moan and complain about the other side winning and not looking at the bigger picture.

Conservatives demanded Clinton be locked up for Benghazi and emails. Zero indictments out of both scandals.

The ‘witch hunt’ of Trump’s people have had 22 indictments or guilty pleas so far. I haven’t heard conservatives talk about those differences.

The Clintons must have better lawyers than Trump's team?

Again, if this were happening under Obama and all this was coming out, would/should conservatives be raising their voice?  Of course!  We Americans need to point out REAL injustices in our society. But you can’t sweep injustice under the rug when your team is winning.

Here’s someone looking at the bigger picture. Sen. Bob Corker, like McCain, is seeing the big picture. Seeing beyond party lines and trying to do what's best for American people.

Remember the conservative outrage over Obama’s greeting with a bow?

Well, where’s the conservative outrage of a President saluting a dictator’s military general?

It’s all about whose team has won, whose team is winning. It’s humanity at it's worst, and we humans are terrible creatures sometimes. What would it look like to live with the bigger picture in mind?




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