MONDAY MELTDOWN: Setting Boundaries

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On this weeks episode, we chat about setting boundaries by knowing what you want and pursuing it.


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Setting boundaries can be less about avoiding toxic people and more about knowing what you want and going after it.
— Zac Gandara

As much as I love people, want to be around people, and make time for everyone, it’s just not possible. Especially when putting my own self-care first. In my new realizations of being an Empath, it’s even more important for me to set boundaries with people. If I don’t, I’ll be drained, the life sucked out of me, and wonder why I have no desire or energy towards the things that really make me happy.

Coming out of things like religion, long-term relationships in a community, or even job changes we often get bombarded with other people’s opinions and questions.

Setting Boundaries can be tough. We often know we need them but don’t know where to begin.

I think there’s a number of places to start, and numerous amounts of books on the subject. But from my experience, here’s what has helped me.

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Seeing the big picture is really important to producing the type of life and peace you’re wanting.
  2. Find out what it is you really want. Make a list in a journal. A place you can refer back to often.  This is really hard for a lot of people. Perhaps find a place of solitude to engage this process, maybe begin with meditation or marijuana. A peaceful quiet place really helps.
  3. Set your intentions to start pursuing these things. Make a plan. When you fill your schedule with what’s healthy for you, it’s a lot easier to begin setting boundaries for who and what’s not. When your focus remains firmly on what you want and what you’re pursuing instead of who to avoid, your fuel begins to take over.

I really believe setting boundaries begins not with making a list of who to avoid, but instead what to pursue. After all, we need each other, until we don’t. Haha

“As you move forward along the path of reason, people will stand in your way. They will never be able to keep you from doing what’s sound, so don’t let them knock out your goodwill for them. Keep a steady watch on both fronts, not only for well-based judgments and actions but also for gentleness with those who would obstruct our path or create other difficulties. For getting angry is also a weakness, just as much as abandoning the task or surrendering under panic. For doing either is an equal desertion—the one by shrinking back and the other by estrangement from family and friend.
— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



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