EPISODE 006: The Magic of Questioning Everything: Taylor Hughes

What if you had spent 20 years giving your life to an institution, then as you began to see what was on top of it, knew you couldn’t do it anymore and resigned.

But instead of a thank you, you were given a bribe.  A $12,000 nondisclosure agreement to keep you quiet about your experience there.  Then a threat that if you didn't sign it they would make you pay back the $22,000 scholarship money that had given you?

WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS CORPORATION…where you are no longer an actual person, but a means to an end to someone else's corporate greed and institutional cover-ups.

My friend Taylor had this exact experience about a year and a half ago, but he's still smiling, still loves God, and has returned to his childhood dream of professional magic.

He is one of the only people to have performed in all three showrooms at the World Famous Magic Castle before the age of 21.

He is a featured act on the television series “Masters of Illusion” and was recently presented the awards for “Best Illusion” “Best Comedy Magic” & “Best Showmanship” by the Society of American Magician’s in Los Angeles.

I could go on about his talents, but I'd rather you get to meet this wonderful man and hear his amazing story.

We both hope it challenges you, encourages you, and makes you think outside of the boxes of religion and personal ideologies.