EPISODE 019: Cheers Queerdo! : Dash López

We’re so rarely pulled out of the church - it’s all of us who leave and have such specific informed convictions. Church is like a pressure cooker - you either end up buried under the weight of it to the point that you never get out, or the pressure builds up so much that you just get shot out the other side - right into some other form of thinking.
— Dash López
I am NEVER, as much as I can control, going to allow any outcome of my life to be determined by fear ever again.
— Dash López

This is a fascinating episode. No guest has shared more deeply and transparently what the mega-church experience was like at Mars Hill and the Acts 29 Church Network than Dash. Not only was he a valued staff member there, he learned to play the game. His experience with Redemption Group therapy seeking to make him straight left him just as he is, gay, except with religious scars.

I once had a very healing experience with Redemption Group, which just goes to show us that systems and processes are not one size fit all.

Dash is a self-proclaimed ultimate Queer-do, satanic occultist, and is a great conversationalist and gives great hugs. We have so much fun together in this episode laughing and learning about one another.